Tim W. Brown Books

Deconstruction Acres (1997)

A work of academic satire set in a midwestern college town, Deconstruction Acres depicts the struggles of Underdog, a local townie, against his enemies at Jasper College. Caught smoking marijuana, Underdog manages to get kicked out of Jasper College within a week of arriving.

Booted by his parents as well, he becomes a townie and gets a job at the campus copy shop. He's pursued by Judy Baine, the sexy daughter of his landlady, but he's in love with the beautiful, haunted Ione Twayblade. Things get sticky when Ione begins dating Race Fletcher, celebrity professor and author of a best-selling book deconstructing the "Green Acres" TV show.


"Funny and purposely outrageous, Deconstruction Acres is a modern-day parable that centers on one man, in this case a lowly townie, who tries to bring down the giant with his metaphorical slingshot and rock. Brown spares no one and nothing in this countercultural satire, as he mocks an inept establishment and the people who run it.... In the best tradition of farcical literature, he burlesques the foibles and depravities of everyday life." -Chicago Tribune


"What ripe material for an observant satirist: from the downtrodden ranks of the townies in a small Midwestern college community emerges a reluctant hero who demonstrates the superiority of common sense and simple living over the corruption and hypocrisy of academia.... Underdog's struggle to defeat his hipper-than-thou nemesis and expose a financial scandal involving the corrupt college president prompts many wry observations." -New York Times Book Review


"Hail underdogs in general and Tim W. Brown's Underdog in particular. Deconstruction Acres is a hoot!" -Wally Lamb